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Corrective invoice

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Correction invoices are issued in case the previously issued invoice contained mistakes concerning liabilities, etc. However, this type of invoice can be also used to correct other data such as addresses, names and many other. Correction invoices are special type of invoices, whose purpose is to revise and correct the original invoice so that the data it contains is fully adequate. It must be taken into account that all invoices are formal documents and it is not allowed to make any alterations after they have been issued. Correction invoice is as binding legally as any other invoice and has to be treated as such.

Current document Number  Date of issue 
Correct document Correct number Correct date 
SignPlace of issue
Additional comments
 Postal code 
 Postal code 
 No  Name of goods or service  Unit  Quantity  Unit net price  Total net price  VAT rate  VAT amount  Total gross price 
Before correction
After correction
Before correction 
After correction 
Total due 
Method of payment 
Due date 
Account number 
VAT account number 

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Invoicing programme on-line

Efaktury.org enables you fast, easily and for free to create different kinds of invoices: invoice, invoice (former bill), corrective invoice, pro forma invoice, advance invoice, final invoice, departmental invoice, invoice margin, simplified invoice, invoice cash method, collective invoice, invoice RR, bill, internal evidence, goods issue note, goods receipt note, external release, external release (only quantity), internal release, debit note, credit note, correction note, collective correction note, internal note, interest note, request for payment, request for payment and interest, receipt, proof of payment, accept cash, proof of delivery, proof of delivery (only quantity), order form, commercial offer, cost estimate. Documents can be created on any computer connected to the Internet wherever you are. You don't have to install any programme on your hard drive all you need is a browser. After registering and taking out subscription, you are given full access to options such as saving invoices, contracting parties, products and services, defining set values and adding graphic images (for example the logo of your company) which can automatically be placed as the headline of your documents. Click here to find out more.

Pre court request for payment

It is quite frequent that a person or a company does not pay their liabilities. In case the due date has passed, you can request the payment of liabilities. Notes interest and demand for payment (with or without interest) create online for free on our website.

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